The purpose of these rules is to allow each family the peaceful enjoyment of their time in the campground. This is a place for recreation, sports, relaxation, and a summer home for campers. Please be respectful to all LHH members.

1. Trash should be placed in the dumpster provided. No tires, propane tanks, or other items not acceptable to the dumpster company.
2. All dogs must be kept on a leash and kept from disturbing other campers. Please clean up after your dog in the camping area.
3. Each camper is responsible for mowing and maintaining the space around their respectable site.
4. No long term storage of vehicles, boats, campers or other items without the approval of the owner.
5. No one is to change the water or septic connections without the owner's approval.
6. Everyone having a tractor or golf cart is responsible for its use and shall have the proper insurance.
7. Please operate all vehicles of any kind in a responsible manner and observe the speed limit.
8. Refrain from any activities which will disturb other campers, especially during the night hours.
9. No hunting anywhere on the campground.
10. Docks, campers, trailers, and such items may be stored for the winter next to the woods on the EAST end of the campground, back perpendicularly in to the tree line.
11. No cutting of trees or widespread use of vegetation killer on the river bank. Please ask owner's guidance about tree removal.

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